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Haril in 2017

I have had a busy year! I have been working on many new projects, playing music ALOT. My  architecture blog, "HarilEstate", where I talk about how buildings have to evolve and transform to stay relevant in the market through case-studies, fun stories and anecdotes is buzzing!  


The year started off with an intense plunge into a strict diet where I lost over 25lbs! Best I had felt in years! I even tried Cool Sculpting! (yes it works...). The Pats winning the SuperBowl in amazing record setting form was the best start as Spring and Summer were slammed with work with some amazing new and large scale projects in the works. Some even changing the Boston skyline!


One of the hardest things this year was the (Ctrl+alt+del) of my band of 10 years! I'll truly miss those guys, but we had to rebuild. We got a new female singer and killer bassist and we are now, after months of heartache and practice and a million auditions, are set to play new venues in 2018 and I am more than excited to have one of my main loves in life back again - MUSIC!


In the Fall, I decided to apply for the AIA College of Fellows - one the two highest honors in Archiecture. A long and grueling process, but an amazing effort. I also, as part of my bolstering my application, taught the Graduate Design Studio at Roger Williams University this fall. I had 13 amazing students and learned so much from them. It was a heck of a commute to Rhode Island twice a week for 15 weeks!


2018 will kick off more heatlhy habits, more music, more chill time and hopefully more golf and painting!  


"..we're on to 2018."

The Movies:

The Band:

Red Square, Haril's cover band has totally changed! With new members and fresh tunes, we are playing NEW venues and taking the city by storm once again!


Check out Red Square's Links:

First Thursday Films is in full swing! From college application films to fun short movies and film competitions, FTF might be looking to do its first feature film!


Some recent films have won awards and recognition! Check out the site and who knows, maybe we can do a fun video together!


You can also see us on Vimeo!

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