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Nirvan in 2017

Every Year has its ups and downs but for my 2017 year it mostly had its ups.


Lots of exciting things happened this year like In June I got my first calling phone in the very beginning of sumer. As this was a big step into going into my first year of middle school. 6th Grade! This transition was a little hard to adjust to. More homework, but like I said every year has its ups so I can move freely in the school instead of having to walk with the teachers and having to stop every 10 seconds. As mid October rolled around the transition was no more and most of my worries disappeared turning into an amazing November month and ⅔ of December.


I feel like the 2017 year went by too fast with all of these things going on. It feels like it was just 2 weeks ago that we were visiting our cousins and close family friends in New Jersey in August. This year I've also decided to go full on and Mountain Bike. I went to a mountain biking camp at Hale Reservation. I've also decided to rock and roll and start a band with two of my friends and so far we’ve had 1 gig since November and learning new songs and jamming out to tunes. Also I started teaching Piano lessons. It’s a big responsibility and commitment to work and be on time and everything but I have managed.


Anyway this year was probably an amazing year and to top It all off I would like to say Happy Holidays and happy new year. Spread joy and cheer.



Nirvan is living in the "Limelight.."

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