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fam 2016

Nirvan in 2016

This year I have had a blast from from summer camps to family fun trips. In January, I had my tenth birthday! We went to the Boston Sports Club and played football for 2 hours!


In March I went to the Broadmeadow spelling bee. In May, our family and family friends went to lobster pool in Rockport, Massachusetts. In June we went to Captiva Island near Florida where we stayed at a villa for 5 days! In July, I went to sports camps with my friends. In August, we continued the tradition of going to New Jersey for our annual trip with our close family friends.We went to our cousin’s beach house. The rest of the summer was all relaxing.


In October, I went to India with my dad. We got to meet the Prime Minister! We had lunch at his house then left. We were there for a coming of age ceremony. Back to school! First day of fifth grade! So far fifth grade has been great! It’s christmas time now and I’m really excited for a new year!



Nirvan and Modi talk it out....