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Orissa in 2016

This year has been such a thrilling rollercoaster! Between starting Middle School and Jet skiing through the crystal blue waters of Florida, I would say that 2016 has been one of the best years!


I played 2016 like the game of life. I started off with a set amount of goals then along the way, I picked up a few things. By the time I figured out the rules and collected some pieces, the game was over. This showed me how fast this year went by. No matter how fast the year goes, the memories will always stay. That's why this letter will hopefully bring back some good times!


Let’s start with the Summer of 2016! We had an amazing kickoff to the summer by taking a super fun trip to Captiva, Florida! Captiva was like a dream wrapped into an island with a sparkly bow! We spent a week, swimming, eating, sightseeing and doing some pretty cool watersports!! If you need a vacation spot, Captiva’s the way to go! Followed by such an amazing kickoff, we spent the summer hanging out with friends, vacationing, swimming and spending time in New Jersey. We spent almost a month in NJ this year visiting friends and family! As we finished our trip with our Nani, Nana, bhaiya’s, little cousins, friends, aunts and uncles, we headed South to the Jersey Shore for our 7th annual W.P.P.S trip! This year we spent W.P.P.S at our friend’s beach house and had so much fun, boogie boarding, swimming, riding rides on the boardwalk and barbecuing. After W.P.P.S, we pretty much had the rest of the summer to go to camp, quick trips to the Cape, and day trips to the beach!!!


Once the Summer ended, Middle School started! The thought of 7th grade scared me and made me a little nervous, but once I started, I loved it! I was nervous about switching classes and not being able to find my way around the school! Once a week went by, I was cruising around that school. 7th grade made me realize how independant and more challenging higher grades can be. I have been more academically challenged, pushed to become a stronger learner and I constantly strive to improve. I don’t want to end such an amazing year, but I’m happy to say hello to a new one!



Orissa's Dance Recital - MIT Kresgie